When will you add (city/state/town) to your map?

New television and radio markets are constantly being added. Each area is added in a particular order — markets are added based on its size as determined by Nielsen’s Local Market estimate for 2012 (.PDF here).

Why do you only have news / public radio links for the top 30 markets?

Most small broadcast markets do not have a dedicated news radio station. Public radio stations in those markets also carry programming that is paid or bartered from distributors such as NPR, PRI or APM; those stations typically do not have a news staff or news programming.

Why can’t I view your map on my smartphone / tablet?

The live feed map is generated using Google Map Engine Lite. Some internet browsers on smartphones and tablets won’t be able to display the map due to browser limitations. If you are an iOS user (Apple) or an Android (Google) user, you can view the map by using the free Chrome browser.

How can I report a wrong or broken link?

Click here to report a wrong or broken link.

I’m getting a weird Google redirect notice. What’s that all about?

Each live video or live audio link is shortened using Google service called goo.gl. For added security, Google’s URL shortener sometimes creates a redirect notice when a link is clicked in the map. Clicking the link in the redirect notice will take you to the live video or live audio stream.

Some people say deleting your browser’s internet history, including your cache and cookies, makes the notice go away, though this doesn’t appear to solve the problem 100 percent of the time.

How can I help the cause?

All video streams and tools, like the Live Video / Audio Map, are free to use, but they’re not free to make or host. You can help contribute to The Feed by making a donation at sister site The Desk  for check or credit card donations (made via WePay) or you can contribute by donating BitCoin at the following address: 13mWzyK9EPmA7QQM4SvrSyqeAm4gUsfbt7 (click for QR code)